Winnie's Place

Winnie's Place is a shelter program helping women, with or without children, who are homeless and/or survivors of domestic abuse, move away from their current situations towards a world of new opportunities. If you need shelter, call 309-757-0757.

Winnie's Place Offers Comprehensive Support Services - free of charge:

How can you help?
We can't do it alone! Together, we can make Winnie's Place a shelter where women can make life-changing choices. Share this ministry program with your church, civic groups, classes, co-workers, fundraising groups, and neighbors. Post updates and needs in newsletters and bulletins. Need information to share? Contact Churches United at (563) 332-5002. Share with EVERYONE you know!

Winnie's Place Wish List
BUS PASSES, especially for the Illinois Quad Cities,
to help the women at our shelter have transportation to job interviews. GIFT CARDS from HyVee, Aldi, Walmart, and Dollar General are also welcome as these can be used to purchase bus tickets. Purchase items from our Wish List.

The women of Winnie's Place shop FREE at Winnie's Wishes to get needed clothing for themselves and their children. After completing the program at Winnie's Place and moving on to start their households, the women can come to the resale store and pick out linens, furniture, wall decor and more - ALL AT NO COST.

You can help by stopping by Winnie's Wishes to SHOP, DONATE or VOLUNTEER. Cash and item donations to Winnie's Place are accepted at the shelter or at the Churches United office.

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